About Us

Welcome to the home of “ISTECHGLOBAL”.

Our website is an information, news, resource, and technology service provider company.
 We have taken the challenge facing our global economy, to connect software engineers and recruiters to fill critical openings and needs in the Information Technology arena.


My name is Akinola Fadeyi, Information Technology, Software Engineer, as the CEO of ‘International Software Technology Engineer Global (ISTECHGLOBAL) that was established at LinkedIn network couple of months ago, and have since launched our fully operational website http://www.istechglobal.com.

Why you may be curious why this type of service is needed now. I had the same question, and I came up with definitive answer, it is needed right now more than ever before, because of shortage of software engineers recruitment. Our technological environment is changing very fast more than software. Technology companies around the globe can keep up with, especially the hiring and training of talented software engineers. ISTECHGLOBAL has taken the initiative to solicit very talented software engineers from around globe to come and join our ISTECHGLOBAL Network. They are calling and are responding very well to our mission. We now have over 2,500 registered software technology engineer members that come with different background from all over the globe; such as, Programmers, Database Administrator (DBA), Cyber Security Analyst, Systems Analyst, Business Intelligent analyst, Full Stack web analyst, and Business analyst.

Who We Are

We are the global professional engineer members with integrity and trust.


Our goals and objectives is to support our member engineers to meet their professional needs.

Members stands by to work with recruiters and companies to solve their critical needs of fulfilling all software engineering, and non software engineering positions.

We have established a communication line through our social network, on our website, and at LinkedIn, where members can share ideas with one another in a professional manner.

We ensure that we practice what we preach through our members communication line.

We understand that this has to be a continuous efforts with management and members.


ISTECHGLOBAL members understand what we stand for before they registered to become a member

We are committed to member services and support for one another mission or needs.

We plan to demonstrate professionalism in all our practices and deeds to our clients or to one another.

We help members to find jobs and encourage them to reach out to other members when necessary to do so, because we have an open door policy.

We want to be a friendly community, where everyone is important.

We demonstrate all of the above through the process of communication to all members and we encourage everyone to remember our “Core Values”

Core Values

We pledged to Demonstrate professionalism and integrity.

We Practice Honesty and commitment.

Practice Team Work

We stand for inclusion not exclusion.

We drive innovation and candor.

We practice open door policy, where members can contact another member to seek help whenever or wherever they can.

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