Hello!  I’m Akin Fadeyi Founder of ISTECHGLOBAL,
I would like to take this opportunity to Welcome all of you to our new web site International Software Technology Engineers Global.
Member areas require Free Registration to access our Limited Basic Resources, and Paid Tier Memberships allow additional or Unlimited full access to our resources.

The goals and objective of this web site is to create an environment, where all software technology engineers around the globe can come to socialize in one place, as well as having discussions about issues surrounding our profession, such as salary, benefits, education, employment, and other opportunities that exists with technology companies.

I believe this type of connections should be a great opportunity for our young engineers, to capitalize upon to further their career goals.

This will also help “Human resources (HR) around the globe, to come and recruit from already screened-in talented software engineer members from my platform International Software Technology Engineers Global that is now exists at “LinkedIn” network.

Please! work with us, members are waiting to hear from “Human Resources” (HR) around the globe that is looking to hire “software technology engineers.”


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