Software Engineers work on writing code and build applications that solve problems. They design solutions in the form of computer programs, create databases and publish information to their users. Engineers use state-of-the-art programming languages such as C++ and Java, which are complex and difficult for non-programmers to learn and to write.

What is software engineering

Software engineering is a discipline of engineering and technology that deals with developing software. It includes the development of programs that have many users and are accessed through a computer network which may be local, wide area or global (Internet). Software engineering encompasses all aspects of developing and maintaining software through project management, source code control, requirements analysis

Software engineer

Below are the Roles and Responsibilities of Software engineers:

The Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the field of information technology has defined some of the roles and responsibilities of software engineers as follows:

  • Attend management and stakeholder meetings as required
  • Participate in business development walk-through to ensure the business documentation is in sync with the systems design document
  • Collaborate with members engineer right from beginning of architectural design stage and through the systems roll out life cycle
  • Participate in code walk-through and review
  • Be able to troubles-shoot systems issue and resolve them as quickly as possible
  • Responsible for ensuring systems architecture and writing codes) meet (ISO series of standards) the international organization for Standardization global requirements.
  • Testing and debugging of code is imperative for software engineers
  • Walk-through of stages of code approval process as required by the company management
  • Programmers should be proficient with data structures, algorithms and the fundamental of computer science rules

Not every companies use “Version Control tools” software, but if you are a programmer and you are in Mainframe environment, you want to get yourself familiar with version control tool set.

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