Recruiter Profile

The main purpose and objective of the recruiters is to find the best talented individuals in all areas of their profession for their employers. The recruiter are responsible to negotiate salaries for their candidate, however, they play a dual role between their employer and the candidate they are trying to hire for their campaign


Recruitment of candidates is classified into two categories

The Hierarchy of the recruitment process:

Below are two methods being used by human resources to hire internal candidates by:

  • Promotion
  • Management referral

The recruiter are members of human resources (HR), however, their role are expanded, because they are sometimes called human resource that take care of company employee issues that may surface from time, to time, that includes salary negotiation, pay raises, annual or sick leave.

The human resource is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and termination, they are also the key in negotiating compensation packages, scheduling training, employee transfers, and providing benefits information for the new employees.

Recruiters have multiple resources that they can use to solicit and find experienced candidates seeking positions, such as

  • online hiring boards
  • Job fairs
  • Manager referrals,
  • internal company network job board positing
  • TV advertisement
  • Previous employee referrals

Human Resources Approach to recruit External candidate

There various ways human resources can us to recruit external candidates, such as  

  • Through online job boards or Website advertisements
  • Private staffing agencies
  • Social Media connections
  • TV advertisement
  • News paper and Magazines advertisement
  • Through Colleges and Universities



Advantages and disadvantages of external recruitment

External Recruitment disadvantage:

To recruit an external candidate takes a lot of work for human resources, first they have to look at how they can attract the best candidate for their company.  The cost of getting that candidate in competitive market can escalate. The human resources will have to decide where to put advertisement to quickly make a different to get the right candidate.  The interview preparation of screening the resumes and calling the candidate for an interview, and how many interviews is going to take before they nail that right candidate.  The risk associated with recruiting external candidate is higher than the internal candidates.

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